How to Become a Mentor

Empower the Next Generation of Innovators

Join the ranks of esteemed professionals at Teamworks Academy and play a pivotal role in shaping the future. As a mentor, you’ll guide, inspire, and empower aspiring talents, sharing your expertise to foster their growth and success in the tech industry.

Mentor Onboarding Process

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Application Submission

Congratulations! You have already taken your first step towards success by visiting our website. Click on the “Join Cohort” or “Contact Us” button and fill out the contact form.


Initial Review

Our team will review your application to ensure a good fit between your skills and the needs of our mentees. This process may include a brief interview or additional questions.


Orientation Session

Upon acceptance, you’ll be invited to an orientation session. Here, you’ll learn about our mentoring philosophy, tools, and resources available to support you and your mentees


Matching with Mentees

We’ll match you with mentees based on shared interests, industry background, and specific mentoring goals. Our aim is to foster productive and rewarding mentor-mentee relationships.


Ongoing Support and Development

As a mentor, you’ll receive continuous support from Teamworks Academy. This includes access to mentorship resources, training workshops, and opportunities for networking with other mentors.


Feedback and Growth

Regular feedback sessions are held to discuss the progress of your mentees, address any challenges, and explore opportunities for your own growth as a mentor.