Our Event Highlights

Relive the Moments that Shaped Us

Dive into the archive of Teamworks Academy’s past events. Each event, from inspiring workshops to groundbreaking hackathons, has contributed to our community’s growth and success. Discover the milestones that have defined our journey and continue to inspire innovation and collaboration.

🚀 Tech Innovators Summit

March 15, 2023
A gathering of minds eager to explore the future of technology, featuring keynotes from industry leaders and interactive sessions.

🌍 Social Impact Hackathon

June 22, 2023
Teams tackled global challenges, devising tech solutions for sustainable development goals with mentors guiding their vision to reality.

🤖 AI for Good Workshop

September 5, 2023
An immersive workshop demystifying AI’s role in social good, with hands-on projects and expert panels.

🌐 Global Entrepreneurship Conference

November 12, 2023
Entrepreneurs worldwide shared insights on innovation, startups, and the journey of turning ideas into successful ventures.

💡 Creative Coding Marathon

January 20, 2024
A 24-hour coding challenge that brought together developers to innovate and create apps that dazzle and inspire.

🎓 Youth in Tech Symposium

April 18, 2024
A platform for young tech enthusiasts to learn, network, and showcase their projects, sparking conversations on the future of tech education.